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♡ Trane.xamic Acid ♡ the new skincare ingredient for glowing skin......!

November 06, 2019

♡ Trane.xamic Acid ♡  the new skincare ingredient for glowing skin......!

As we all know, hyaluronic, salicylic, mandelic, glycolic and many other skincare acids are amazing to refresh, exfoliate and regenerate skin, control oil production  and fighting off wrinkles

Now we have 'the new acid on the block' Trane.xamic Acid, it's regarded as the one-stop shop for treating pigmentation and dark spots, brightening the skin with unprecedented efficacy.

Trane.xamic acid is a synthetic amino acid derived from lysine. Topically, Trane.xamic acid works by interrupting at least two pathways in skin that, left unchecked, can lead to discolorations, including larger patches known as melasma.

Trane.xamic acid is understood to work within skin’s surface layers to make skin colour less susceptible to UV light exposure and may also reduce redness. Comparative studies have shown trane.xamic acid has greater tolerability than hydroquinone

Trane.xamic acid provides a powerful and specific anti-inflammatory action, inhibiting the tyrosinase synthesis in melanocytes. At the same time, it blocks the transfer of pigment from melanocytes to keratinocytes in the epidermis.

Trane.xamic acid also calms the skin and helps restore the skin barrier.
While this 'new acid on the block' is a relatively new discovery for most Western skincare brands, it's long been used in Japanese skincare products to help clear pigmentation and fade malasma on the skin!

One of the world renowned Japanese skincare brands, Hada Labo, have been using Trane.xamic acid as the active ingredient in their Shiro-Jyun Premium Whitening line, which we have the pleasure to carry on our website.

If you're after a new skincare ingredient to help lighten up your hyperpigmentation and dark spots, perhaps the Hada Labo Shiro-Jyun Premium Whitening line could be ticket!