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Our Asian Sunscreen Collection


Do you know sunscreens are not just for the Summer?!

 The Sun's UVB rays, its UVA rays are relentless and they exist in all weather conditions and are what cause your skin to age! So wearing a high factor, broad spectrum sunscreen everyday is essential to protect your skin's health. 

The good news is sunscreens are not what they used to be! With all the recent innovation in sun protection, complaints like inconvenience and unflattering white cast residue are the things of the past.

At Timeless UK, we have sought sunscreens from around the world to bring you those well tried, well liked, high factor of SPF 50 or more, broad-spectrum (the more pluses (+) after the PA the sunscreen has, the broader the UVA spectrum it will cover), lightweight without the ghostly white cast and make-up friendly wearable sunscreens that you can wear with pleasure all day everyday.

These are our hand picked collection of highly effective sunscreens
from the K-beauty and J-beauty worlds.

Why Korea & Japan? It's because for Korean & Japanese women, sunscreen isn’t optional - it’s an absolute must as part of their skincare routines!

Their youthful looking, clear even toned, unblemished skin should be all the convincing you'll need to wear sunscreens daily to help keep your skin stay clear and flawless too.