Introducing our newly launched sister site

Some of you may know we'd been working on a new website and today, we're super excited to announce our sister website has been launched! Yay!!

Barefection, named from our inspirations to achieve bare skin perfection, will be the home of Effective Yet Affordable Skincare Products from Around the World! 
As the company grows, Barefection will eventually take over all existing product offerings currently available on plus many more going forward, leaving Timeless UK to focus on Timeless Skin Care in the future.

That said, you can still stock up on your Timeless serums and other brands on as Timeless is also being offered there too .

To celebrate the launch, KraveBeauty's now back in stock on our new sister site! So if you've been waiting, please do head over to the site to check it out. Please don't wait as they often go quickly!
You'll see takes on the same looks and feels of our current website to offer continually and familiarity for our customers.
Please be sure to follow our sister FB and IG page @Barefection for an exciting forthcoming Kreavebeaury giveaway to celebrate the launch!

We hope you'll love and support @barefection as you have us
Thank you!