Shipping Delays due to Coronavirus Outbreak

Last updated 05th April 2020

Please be advised that due to the current global Coronavirus outbreak, suspensions and delays are to be expected with some of our international deliveries 
Please be advised delivery to the below countries have been suspended:

Albania - On Suspension

Armenia - On Suspension

Barbados - On Suspension

Bermuda - On Suspension

Bosnia-Herzegovina - On Suspension

Caribbean Islands – British Virgin Island, Dominican Republic, Cayman Islands & Haiti - On Suspension

Cuba - On Suspension

Djibouti - On Suspension

Equador - On Suspension

Fiji - On Suspension

French Polynesia - On Suspension

Grenada - On Suspension

Guyana - On Suspension

India - On Suspension

Jamaica - On Suspension

Lebanon - On Suspension

Mali - On Suspension

Mauritania - On Suspension

Mauritius - On Suspension

Montenegro - On Suspension

Peru - On Suspension

Philippines - On Suspension

Samoa - On Suspension

South Africa - On Suspension

South Korea - On Suspension

Sri Lanka - On Suspension

St. Kitts and Nevis - On Suspension

St. Lucia - On Suspension

St. Vincent and the Grenadines - On Suspension

Taiwan - On Suspension

Tanzania (DAR) - On Suspension

Tunisia - On Suspension

Turks and Caicos Islands - On Suspension

United Arab Emirates (UAE) - On Suspension

Ukraine - Crimea & Sevastopol Regions - On Long-Term Suspension

Venezuela - Long-term Suspension

Zimbabwe - On Suspension


Deliveries to other countries outside of Europe, Italy, Spain are severely affected and  long delays are expected.
If you live in a quarantine area, your parcel will be held in your national postal system until such time they can be delivered. 
Deliveries to other countries outside of the UK may also experience delays as they may being made by roads and not by air.
Please be sure to use a shipping address where you will be available to receive your parcel during the Coronavirus outbreak.

Please be advised we are unable to compensate for post parcels due to undeliverable shipping addresses.

If  all inbound flights to your country have been suspended, your parcel will be delivered by roads, which could take much longer to arrive.
Please note that unless you have opted for our expressed courier shipping service, your parcels are being delivered to you by your country's national postal system
Please be sure to keep up to date with their latest development to be informed of any delay you can expect with your parcels

UK deliveries are also subject to delays!

We're doing our best to keep this information as up-to-date as possible with information supplied to us by our shipping company.
Our sincere apologies for any inconvenience this unprecedented situation may cause and we thank you for your support and patience!